Adam WarRock “Otis Verse”

To Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis” 

"Otis Verse" (MP3)

Right hand grips the pen
Left hand on the laptop
So let me begin
Troubles I had to laugh it off, So I write my worries in a text file
delete that, empty out the bin

They try to see me as their hero for success
Cuz I quit my job and gave my life the order from the mess
But really I don’t know any secrets unless
You paying that buck twenty nine, gotta pay the rent

I got this snake oil, cures whatever’s ailin ya
Lock it in a safebox, places where you’re saving the
Ornaments from your old life, charlie brown tree
For christmas, droops down with the weight, so please

Give it a rest, hitting my chest, each cigarette
little bit left for silly regrets I’m feeling my best
When I can just let it go
And let it flow, with the microphone in front of me
Act like nothing’s wrong in front of company,

Still a fuckin’…neurotic obsessive compulsive disorder
Psychotic trying to cope with the loss of innocence
And sleep gets…rocky, so days I’m just walking and wandering
so robotic, trying to fight back all of my listlessness

Iy’all see grass is green
But maybe that’s all refracted beams
From sunshine on days they bounced back in front of me
Cuz all I see is dead leaves, barren trees
As autumn makes its way to me You feel it deep
Down in your bones, watch the throne, top of the dome
Nobody knows that nobody’s home where the fucking sidewalk ends
Just a mix of kids’ poems and rap dinosaurs
Melting pot, pouring out my mouth every time I bend

My knees can’t take the pressure, the buried treasure
Deep in my mind, I’m digging past the landmines just to get to
where I turn this heart of coal into blood diamonds
Sierra Leone, burning my hands just to try and hold

white guilt, ain’t it a bitch, cuz I ain’t even white
I’m something in between the dark and the light
I’m something in between the wrong and the right
And that’s the way I’ve felt my whole fucking life

Nothing’s better, nothing’s worse, just another day
Singing the blues over a rap beat, like Jay and Kanye
And I’m steady making my way, starting with a blank page
Right hand holding the pen, I got something to say

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