Adam WarRock “Adventure Time” (Free Download)

I finally watched Adventure Time this weekend. So I made a rap about it. Obvs.


Adventure Time, grab your friends
We’ll go to very distant lands
With Jake the Dog, and Finn the Human 
The fun will never end, Adventure Time

Hey, we’re gonna go on an adventure!
Hey, you wanna go on an adventure?
C’mon, you wanna go, alright then

The fun will never end, Adventure Time! 

Verse 1:

For F&J to play like they do every day
Adventure in a place, so far away
Deep in imagination, in the land of Ooo
In the Candy Kingdom, where they do what they do

Maybe fight the Ice King, with the throne that he’s sitting in
Learn to kiss a princess while reading the Enchiridion
Cuz Bubblegum, y’know she makes me blush
When she gives me a look, man it gives me a rush

Hold up! More adventure, grab your sword and your backpack
Grab a best friend, cuz y’know we’ll have some laughs that
Might last forever, even if the world ends
And the magic comes back, if we never do again

So to all those bad guys and people with bad habits
Come and catch a ride on the knuckle train of fist planet
Starchy’s got a grave that he’s digging and it’s fitted 
For the villains, and I’m checking the clock, y’know what time it is 


verse 2: 

Marceline, Y’know she ain’t that bad
Cuz she’s got a nice streak, and a pretty rad band
And I asked Rainicorn to turn every sky blue
and every night bright with the stars and the moon

Solving crimes, making rhymes, til it’s party time
Every single day and night, know we’re gonna find
Hey Jake!
ember when I swallowed that computer
Oh yeah dude!
"Now I got a little baby song for you" 

And I don’t care about no mushroom cloud today, 
I’m staying up with B-Mo playing some video game
And so LSP’s all like “Whatever,” 
I got the ultimate wizardry and a keychain together (cool) 

Do our best when imagination hits
Here with all my friends, til the end of our adolescences 
And whether that’s now or never,
I’m a watch Finn and Jake every time they go and and have their own 

Adventure Time!
[rest of hook]

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