Adam WarRock “Tell Me” (free download)

I wrote a ton about being a nerd or a geek at that link above. Here are the lyrics: 

This how it’s been, since a little kid
Bullied for loving the things that I loved, and things that I did
They made fun of me, b/c I had enthusiasm
For the silly things in life, 
Maybe y’all lived the life that I lived

Comics every wednesday, with the dollars in my hand
Games every birthday, christmas I’d demand
And the day I got my super nintendo, still stands
As one of the greatest days, I can remember

Older age, still love those things that made me 
And I stayed in my shell, til one day I breathed
And exhaled, until you heard that Sean Cassidy scream
Years of staying quiet, now I gotta release steam

Half-life on my computer screen, 
All mac everything
In my team fortress,
me and my friends, closest
Kept to ourselves ‘til the world opened up and we found out
That maybe we weren’t so hopeless


You wanna tell me?
[ayo haven’t you heard?]

Maybe it isn’t so bad so help me?
[now it’s cool to be a geek or a nerd?]

See through what they’re trying to sell me
[don’t believe me, check the tv?]
[man they’re just like you and me] 

verse 2: 

Nerd or geek, just a bunch of kids making some free
Music to get you through the end of the week
Now it’s cool to wear a tshirt at comic-con
And it’s cool to laugh at kids that’s so different from me

But this music connects, the same way that those things did
Kids that don’t get that cultural trickle down benefit 
Cuz I still hear the stories of the ones that don’t get it
People who still bully, and kids still tormented

And I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory, or Comic Book Men
And I still read the trolls on the internet trends
But I still go on 4chan every now and again
And still connect the way I did way back when 

They say geek is the new cool, they been saying that for years
Been saying that since before my high school years
Been telling me that my shtick is just an attempt to cash in 
Like I don’t really live the life the way that I’m rapping


verse 3: 

Yo, this one goes out to my friends who play D&D
like every week, see, even at 33
This one goes out to my friends who still game hard
And get those video games, never at Gamestop

This one goes out to my friends who still bag and board
Who keep their longboxes alphabetized on the floor
This one goes out to my friends who still draw and sketch
Who got the time to make, who still do their best

This one goes out to everyone who doesn’t care if
The thing they love is cool, in the public eye, beware
Cuz the corporations try to sell you bullshit 
When they try to tell you something is nerdy, 

I remember when they used to say NERD like it’s a bad thing
Now they call me nerdcore, don’t know what’s happening
I just make music ‘bout the things that I love
And release it for fun, that’s the reason that Im’ rapping

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