Adam WarRock “The Regular Show Way” (free download)


hmm hmm! 

hmm! hmm!

verse 1: 

Woke up, and I thought I was having a regular day
And it felt so Regular in almost every single regular way
So I walked outside, and checked if the weather was sunny, okay?
So I went down to the park, for really no reason, man I couldn’t say

Skips was working out in the garage, and Pops was having a laugh
Muscleman and High Five Ghost were spinning donuts in the grass 
Mordecai and Rigby was playing Karate Duo
Beating the Hammer with furniture smashing 
While chilling, relaxing, oh YOU KNOW 

They rassled with their wrestlin buddies on their trampoline
While pounding soda and drinking COFFEE, man you know what I mean
That’s when Benson came through, told them to clean it up
told get back to work, before he’s firing them from their jobs

Just another regular day in the regular world where we regulars rest
Bored out our minds when the clock strikes the night and we need to do something to root out the stress 
Maybe cartoons, maybe video games, nah man, hardly
I think Mordecai and Rigby gonna throw a party


Everybody’s having a regular day
Everybody is living life in that old regular way
Down at the park with some raccoons and some blue jays
You know how we do it today
That Regular Show way, 

Everybody’s having a regular day
Everybody is living life in that old regular way
Down at the park where things often go astray
You know how we do it today
That Regular Show way

[hummus rap clip]

verse 2: 

Man, who invited party pete and and gave him all that radicola
Hey bro, do me a solid and stall him til everyone else is over
We got night owl playing all the grooves
And Margaret’s looking fine, I think today is when I’ll make my move

And after the party, we could play Realm of Darthon
Except that game sucks, glad I got a receipt I can get a refund
Who ate the last grilled cheese deluxe, 
Who trashed the bathroom, 
Man, these unicorn bros suck

Oh well, we’ll make some prank calls, 
and play quartz, parchment shears
Give that..sugar to Don, And drink them sodas here
We beat skips with the playco armboy, because our envoy
Is suddently transported to outer space,  so c’mon boy

Run away from monsters cuz now we’re in the mix, see
And make them songs like when we fronted Mordecai and the Rigbys
We got the power so we sing them a tune
And in our free time, we’ll send some stuff to the moon

A bunch of baby ducks, send them to the moon
Soda Machine that doesn’t work, send it to the moon… 

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