Adam WarRock “Late Night” (Free Download)

Every new year, I write a pop cultural song about how I want the year to go. This year, it’s a little song about Late Night with  Jimmy Fallon. Read why here… 


From a young child in Brooklyn,  
Father worked in Kingston
Mother gave him VHS tapes of shows he’s missing
To impersonating Cagney and an ear for comedy
He loved performing from the heart, so honestly, 

He tried his hand at computers, moved to communication
And tried a little stand up, and some improvisation
And made commercials for troll dolls, with some messed up hair
And kept doing comedy around the nation

Saturday Night would call, Weekend Update
Nick Burns, company computer guy to celebrate
Barry Gibb and that Boston kid, 
Never stopped giggling
Little did we know, the future was much bigger than this

Stepping into big shoes, the war for late night
And he carved out a place within the set, 
And though they might’ve doubted him 
He still put on a show
And now the dude rules the whole damn internet 


When the night’s still young, I wanna stay up late
Cuz the city never sleeps here in New York State
I’m on the internet having some fun
I dont’ wanna go to sleep til I’m seeing the sun

Now I’m a little bit older, I can stay up late
Cuz the city never sleeps here, in New York State
Stress in life kinda makes me dizzy
That’s why I wanna spend every late nite like Jimmy 

[verse 2]

From Ed Sullivan where the beatles would play
To Johnny Carson to Dave, got us staying up late
Conan and Jay, man I’d rather not say
But Jimmy’s got the buzz like every single day

Cuz I watched the videos leading up to his start
And i saw a fellow geek just pouring out his heart
From the history of rap, to slow jamming the news
To making celebrities act silly with Jimmy, too

I remember watching John Krasinski playing kinect
Diggnation on the tv, coming straight from the net
And the bloggers that they’d get, from best week ever
He took it to the web, no one else could do it better

To the world famous Roots crew as his backing band
He spoke the same language as you and I 
Focused on being positive, yes he did, for every kid
Just wanting to have a good time, this is paradise


[verse 3]

And now my friends send me links, and I’m wanting some more
I’m tuning in to Late Nite when I’m out on tour
So glad to have a show, that’s just fun and nothing more
For all those times when you’re feeling all alone

It reminds me that nice guys maybe don’t finish first
But they carve out a place, find some people to share
That feeling you got when you first heard Neil Young
Singing the theme to Fresh Prince of Bel Air

That’s the same I try to do, make the music fun instead of a chore
And make the live shows a place you can laugh
I can catch up with the episodes out on the road
And still feel plugged in every day that’d pass

I’d like to say that this new era is positive
And in this new year, here’s what I’m gonna do
Keep pouring my heart to the net, and if you listen
You can even hear me giggle when I’m on stage, too

I used to watch Saturday Night Live, 
I used to tape every episode of conan o’brien
Now it’s the future, I look back in time
And I’m enjoying all the stuff that I can find online 

I used to worry ‘bout my place in life
Until I first picked up a mic and I started to write
Now I’m hoping that this year, I find 
That big break until you see me on on prime time 


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