Even though I released a new EP this week (which you should totally buy to support all the free music I release), I still made a silly new free song for your ears. So take that! Uhh….haters? I dont’ know. That’s something people say in rap, right?

Adam WarRock “Nate Silver is a Witch” (Free Download)

Sabermetrics, got me checking in to see which team would win
In the world of scouts and player personnel reports
He developed a course to let the little guy contend 
Until one day, 
Set his sights upon the highest office to hold
in the USA, first name Nate
Last name Silver, gold in the game

Who’s the only blogger, got the New York Times in the palm of his hand
Even when Obama lost the first debate, no it didn’t shake Nate, his prediction would stand  
Quantitative analysis, led him to predict almost every single state in the race
Though you don’t know his face, if you in this political game, 
Then you probably heard about the man “NATE”

Rational progressivism, economic discipline and intellectual wisdom
From the sum of the total of the info he’s given
And the system couldn’t handle all that was within him
Tell me the forecast, and get through the noise with the signal blast 
Cuz I think back in time
Bout the lies damned lies
In Baseball Prospectus back when I read that 

Tell me how’s he do it? trying his best to build a rubric
Trying best not to lose it
Though he lays it all out, and he faces music 
Still he’s got the press confused like Stanley Kubrick
Some say it’s math, some say it’s intuition, some say it’s a lucky hit
Some don’t believe all the science or logic, 
Other people that Nate Silver’s a witch


If Nate Silver’s a witch 

Then I hope that we aren’t on his bad side
Cuz if history’s any indication
Then we probably wouldn’t win if he tried to be a bad guy

If Nate silver’s a witch

Then I guess that I gotta reexamine
Everything that I thought about science and life
And the way we used to do it in the past times, right?

verse 2: 

To the haters, y’all so 2000 and late
Cuz you ain’t in the game without FiveThirtyEight
And I’m sick of the games that we frame in the press
When they push on the new issue of the day

Cuz you gotta sell ads, in the race of the horse 
For Rupert Murdoch and the Drudge Report, 
And the CNN war room’s gotta pay for
All the holograms, and the touch screen to report….

Thank god, some trust probability
Mathematical models, statistical tools
Cuz it’s common sense, that’s if the math adds up
And we as a society can’t back up

To the Dark Ages, where we based our opinions
On the talking heads on the screen
And if Galileo got jailed for his beliefs 
Then we better start a new campaign like..


Free Nate Silver, he can fill in the blanks
Where the press and the media can’t
When the pundits keep shooting blanks
And corporations all try to stand
Over common woman and man
But just check the update again
And you can take that shit to the bank