Adam WarRock “Gravity Falls” 


Me & Dipper and Mabel took a summer vacation
To the place where green trees with the rivers and lakes and 
It’s where tourists come to see mysteries of that’ll thrill 
All locked up in a shack that we work until 

Our Great Uncle Stan got a plan to make a buck or two
So we sit and wait with our production crew
That’s Wendy and Soos, and all the local coterie that keeps coming ‘round
Cuz you know that’s how these crazy kids get down

But when the sun goes down, it’s like a whole new town 
Mysteries abound, and just a place to horse around
Awkward sibling hugs (pat pat), for the brothers and sisters
Do homework, washing dishes, cuz know we won’t miss it

When another episode, it hits the television, 
It’s the kind of adventure that’s got us hooked in, 
So tell me what kind of city you live in
Bet it’s something different than


From now on, I wanna spend them all
Every summer down in Gravity Falls, y’all 
I want it all, the mysteries call
Every summer down in Gravity Falls y’all

From now on, I’ll never go back
Every summer at the Mystery Shack
Matter of fact, I want every summer back
Cuz I wasted every one that wasn’t at..

verse 2: 

And you can stay in sweatertown til the sun goes down 
But I’m on the SS Cool Dude, cruising around
Gobblewonker’s took a bite and tried to toss us around
And a whole gang of gnomes they tried to boss us around

But Dipper got a book, that’s like one of some others
WIth six fingers on the hand on the cover
And Lil Gideon, he’s trying to win Mabel over, he wants a kiss or two
Cuz I guess she’s so irresistible (womp womp)

But there’s more than meets the eye, ghosts and monsters that try 
To get up in the way of a young boy and girl living their life
Manly Dan with his biggest fan, Toby and the gossiper
Try to tell your story to the officers

At the Mystery Shack, weird stuff always happens late
Wax figures take an axe and decapitate
Staying up late, watching the DUchess Approves
And taking money from rubes, while solving mysteries too

Ole dipper and mabel gonna solve any thing they’re able
When they’re stuck in the woods til grunkle stan’s gonna put everything on the table
And the town’s gonna try, to make them feel like they’re both crazy unstable
But we got their back as we watch them do their thing on premium cable 


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