Pre-Order my Album, and a word about buying music…

Starting today, you can now pre-order my new full-length album, You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?, over at my bandcamp page. I have full details about the release on my site at this link. Please check it out. 

Now a word about buying music…

Hi. It’s me. Adam. Eugene. Whatever. I am what they call an independent musician, which means that everything I do, whether it’s travel, music production, promotional artwork, merchandise manufacturing, all comes out of my own pocket. I’m lucky enough to live in a time when the infrastructure of this whole process is a totally feasible undertaking, and I’m fortunate enough to have had enough money to start up this machine, as well as enough sustained success to keep on doing it almost a year and a half later after quitting my full-time dayjob. 

I love making music. It’s something I’ve come to understand lately, in a bigger, more focused way. I love everything about this process, from the press, to the production, to the writing, to the performing. I love every second of it, and it consumes me. I make more music than you could probably ever fathom, and most of it never comes out publicly, just because I enjoy making it. But mostly, I still enjoy it after the slim months, the times when nothing happens in my career, and all I see is money flying out the window as I see my life savings further whittled away into smaller and smaller piles, as the credit card and student debt bills pile up. 

It costs literally thousands of dollars to have an album produced, mastered, manufactured, shipped, and ready for public consumption. It takes months of work, when I could’ve been performing, or going to cons, or doing something to get my name out there. And it’s plain terrifying, because it’s music that doesn’t use an instantly recognizable beat, it’s very personal art, it’s the most “me” that’ll be on record. I love making and releasing tons of free content about TV shows, video games, and random comic book stuff, but this album is different. All my professional releases are. 

I want to say first and upfront, I am so incredibly lucky to have the fans I have, to receive the kind words I receive time and time again, to see that my music makes a difference. I can’t even begin to tell you how it makes me feel, and how people who enjoy my music have changed my life, for the better. It’s for that reason, that I always want to keep releasing most of my music for free, to just keep making stuff for you to enjoy. I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life. 

Look, I pirate A SHIT TON of stuff. I know what it’s like, and as someone whose lifestyle got a lot more frugal, I totally understand and get how hard it is to pay $10 every time you want to hear some new music. I think that’s bullshit. So first and foremost, do not buy my album if it breaks your bank. There is quite simply way more important shit in the world than rap albums to buy if you’re suffering in the shit. But if you can afford it comfortably, and you like what I do in any respect, this album is important to BUY. Consider it a down payment on me releasing the tons of free music that I’ll still release. But please consider buying it, because it did take a lot of time, effort and money to make. 

In a few weeks, I’m positive this album will be all over demonoid. Hell, I may have placed it there myself. You will also be able to stream the entire album on bandcamp. Most of you could care less about owning a CD, much less one that costs $12. I’m not unaware of the new age we live in, being that I am a consumer in it too. But I hope you, like me, will try your best to support artists whose work you really love, whose work you believe in. I can only hope that if you do choose to support me, I live up to your expectations and those beliefs. 

Again, is the shit. Apple and Amazon take cuts up to 30%. RIP Steve Jobs, but COME ON. 

And thank you. Seriously. Two years ago, when I made my first album as a total indulgence, I never in my wildest dreams would’ve ever believed that I’d be where I’m at today. Even if all of you selfish assholes decide to pirate this record and it sells zero copies, it was a good ride, and one that I’ll remember forever. 

But uh, let’s not have it come to that. Seacrest out.